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Alexandre Bisquit

Alexandre Bisquit
Every great story starts with an intuition.


Alexandre Bisquit

Born in 1799 from a family of land workers, Alexandre Bisquit grew up as a real humanist, a man of worth in search of new opportunities from his young years. He found fertile ground in his own hometown, Jarnac: the perfect location for his visionary idea of a new cognac to export all over the world.

Alexandre Bisquit, distillation

For Alexandre, the crafting process was essential. He lived all his life trying to improve his cognac detail by detail, from picking the right wood to build the casks to defininig an unprecedented distillation method. His rendez-vous with Adrien Dubouché, who married Alexandre’s daughter, changed the tide of his company forever, laying the groundwork for the birth of one the leading cognac companies in the world.