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Our distillation follows instinct

While the ordinary way to distill cognac is by relying on fixed parameters,we let aromas and flavours lead the process.

Our distillers taste the product continuously until they sense that the time is right. Then, and only then, the heart of our cognac is cut.

How to make Cognac

Distillation is one of the four phases of cognac crafting.


We harvest our vines in the only place in the world where they can grow: the Cognac region.


Our distinctive method requires a mastery achievable only through experience and years of practice.


The phase that makes color, and aromas emerge, turning a perfectly cut eaux-de-vie in a spirit that is simply one of a kind.


The finishing phase needs the sensitivity of an art and the precision of a science. The goal is to blend different eaux-de-vie together, keeping the right balance.

What I like in Bisquit&Dubouché, is the harmony, the alliance of different lands, of different vintages, of different ages, which then gives birth to the cognac.

Vincent Chappe,
Ambassadeur Global
de la Maison Bisquit&Dubouché

People of cognac

It all starts in the Cognac region.
And it is reflected in the passion of its professionals community.

The Cooper

Jean Charles Vicard

The Distiller

Eric Pinard

The Winemakers

Jacky Chaignaud, Sandrine Guillarme