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Jul 22 2020

The body and soul of Cognac.


There is something special about the French region of Cognac, people say. We say it’s the people.
Those who learnt walking by rolling a barrel and ran their first race between the vines. Those who get appreciated all over the world, by staying in the region they were born.
They are sons and daughters of winemakers, coopers and distillers. They are children of Cognac.

grapes, cognac region

They have all grown into different roles, yet they are bound together by the same love for their home and history. And the will to make a cognac even better than former generations’ attempts at perfection. Every piece of wood, every decision, every single grape and bottle is filled with passion, but they’ll keep giving more until it’s their turn to pass on the knowledge. That’s what makes them people of Cognac.

Meet our Cooper, Distiller, Winemakers and Brand Ambassador.